Racing Fairing Kit


YZF-R1 2009-14 Racing Fairing Kit

Made in Portugal

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Lacomoto’s R1 2009-14Racing Fairing has been used all around the world.
Race proved, this kit is exceptionally engineered for a quick mounting and dismounting. Surprisingly sturdy and resistant despite its weight.


YZF-R1 2009-14 Racing Fairing Kit

The Regular kit includes:

– Front Fairing
– Right Side Fairing
– Left Side Fairing
– Belly Pan
– Front Fender
– Seat Support
– Side Fairing Support
– Tail
– Undertail
– Foam
– DZUS Fasteners (19x)

Full Kit add-ons:
– Side Fairing Support (Carbon Fibre)
– M1 Tank Cover
– Ram Air Tubes


Regular, Full